Favourite memories of Woollahra

Do you remember when Woollahra had two banks and a TAB? Or the oversize clock at Appley Hoare before she moved to London, heralding the arrival of Simon Johnson?

The local landscape has changed a lot over the years and continues to energetically evolve, however its beauty remains a constant. Di Jones Real Estate is celebrating being an integral part of the village since 1992 with an advertising campaign which kicks off in August.

“Di Jones Real Estate - Part of the local landscape since 1992” is a  press campaign which celebrates our neighbourhood’s physical beauty and quirky charms in equal measure with photographs of members of the Di Jones team enjoying the delights of  the community in which they live and work.

The people at Di Jones are unashamedly proud of the beauty of the eastern suburbs and have chosen a “special place” to be photographed in.

“Woollahra has been the home for this agency for almost 20 years; since Di and Bill Jones first started the agency. The area is home to most of us,” Susannah Anderson, Managing Director of Di Jones said.

“We all have in our hearts a special place in the eastern suburbs. It is our home, our place or work, where our friends are and were we spend much of our time.Our ads are really a way to recognise the many and varied places throughout the east in which Di Jones Real Estate has been involved.