The real story: How data can help you sell your home

Data is the new frontier when it comes to helping match buyers with properties. That’s why DiJones is taking data seriously. Here’s how it can help you.


Letting you know how many buyers we have for your property

You only need to look at the focus of our new website to see how we’re using data.

Our homepage has a search box where you can type in your property address to immediately discover how many buyers we have looking for a home just like yours. This is built on our database of over 50,000 prospective buyers who we’ve met and spoken to in the last 12 months.

While it’s certainly true that the market is softer and flatter than it was at its peak, there are still lots of buyers out there actively looking. Many have been searching for a long time and are serious about buying the right property when it comes along.

We’ve spent the past few years refining our processes to make sure the data our agents collect is high quality, accurate and relevant, so that it can work hard for us – and for you.

We use it to understand what these buyers are looking for and in many cases, we can narrow this to a particular property type, specific location and budget.


Off market opportunities

Our database can usually match buyers with your property before we even advertise it for sale.

In fact, the buying off market page of our website is one of the most popular on our website. People really want to know about these “secret” or hidden opportunities that aren’t listed on the mainstream property portals.

Type in the suburb in which you’re looking to buy and our website immediately reveals the number of owners we’ve spoken to who say they would consider selling for the right price.

Suddenly that property search just got a lot easier.


Targeting buyers on social media

Good data can result in more leads, more houses to sell and more buyers to find a home for.  But it’s when it’s complemented by other technologies that it can often yield the best results.

For instance, when we combine data from our own database with the ability to target particular demographic or geographic groups on social media, it makes it an even more powerful marketing combination.

Targeting people based on their location, interests and behaviour can be an unbeatable way to find passive buyers or to lure buyers looking to make a move. For example, we’ve invested in Facebook ads for particular properties and it’s already led to some great results.


AI: the next generation of digital real estate

We’re also investing in artificial intelligence, or AI to produce a better user or customer experience. In short, this is just the beginning of a new, smarter, data-driven era in real estate.

If you’re interested in how we can use data to sell your property get in touch with our team today.

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