Air BnB Offer

Since 1992 with a stand-alone office in Woollahra, through to today servicing Sydney and the Southern Highlands DiJones is renowned for trailblazing innovation and a modern real estate approach.

Investment Management is an integral part of our business and service offerings. Our expert team is hand-selected and leaders in customer service. As trusted advisors, they guide both new and experienced investors and are local experts in the regions they operate.

We have lifelong relationships with our clients and look forward to working alongside you.

Our offer to future clients converting from Air BnB to permanent management includes a commercial-grade sanitisation (up to and including three bedroom properties) and a premium marketing package at no upfront cost. Ocne our team has secured a qualified tenant, you will be required to pay a one-off cost of $495.00 instead of a letting fee.

This sanitisation is defined as commercial cleaning of all hard surfaces including floors, door handles, and window frames. If your property is more than three bedrooms, please contact Customer Care for your exclusive price.

Our stakeholders health and wellbeing at this time is important to us, and we have adapted to offer FaceTime walkthroughs and private inspections. Our dedicated team will be able to provide you with further guidance regarding the best option for you and your property.

DiJones Investment Managers operate with an intense focus on maximising your return and minimising vacancy with qualified tenants. We can also provide you with further information about landlord insurance, to ensure your investment is covered during this time.

To redeem our offer, please contact our Customer Care team today on +61 436 276 135 or by completing the online from below

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