How to maintain your air conditioner



Again, servicing is the best thing. At Glenco, we recommend a service a minimum once a year, but probably shouldn’t be doing it twice a year. Always best to do it before summer, after summer or after winter and before winter, whichever way you want to look at it.

The best thing that you do when your service in Glenco, we provide a couple of different services. We have a standard service and a premium service, and what that is able to do is it’s cleaning the filters and it’s checking the gas lines. We’re just checking everything to make sure that it’s going to run smooth. Because to do a service, and using round figures, it could be $120, or $150, or $200 depending on what type of brand and everything you’ve got. That can avoid thousands because if a filter is blocked, it’s going to cause problems with the coil inside the air conditioning.

So, very, very worthwhile to get everything serviced. At Glenco, we have service maintenance plans with a lot of companies and a lot of homeowners that we just automatically contact them in the sixth month and say, “It’s due. Do you want it?” And they just say, “Yes,” and we’re out there.

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