Selling your Northern Suburbs home in the current market



So across our 16 suburbs, throughout the Northern Suburbs, that is, we’ve seen a real shift in energy across the buyer groups. We’ve got buyers right now that are actively looking at buying quality properties, who have now been looking for anywhere between three, four and five months, finances are now locked down and ready to go, they’re just looking for a quality property.

Days on market still remain between 25 to 35 days, which means those properties that are taking four to five weeks to sell are still selling. Clearance rates, although it dropped a little, are still moving in the right direction. We’re finding that the confidence is coming back with the buyers that are looking at buying their homes, as opposed to buying investment properties, and they’re starting to see better value in the Northern Suburbs from the Lower North Shore to Mid North Shore, and even coming down from the Hills District, as well.

So in any marketplace, we always try and look at when the best time is to sell. A lot of questions are being raised right now about where we’re going to be in 12 months’, 18 months’ time versus where we are today. My advice to anyone who’s considering putting their place on the market today, right now, is certainly get your ducks in a row, get out there and see what else you can go and look at to buy, what you can do as a changeover or a swap.

If you don’t find anything to buy, you can always rent for a period while the market’s sort of bouncing around, but getting cash in your pocket is king. Putting yourself in a position where you’ve got opportunities to walk in the door, secure a property in your terms, with your own conditions, is probably the best advice I can give you.

Moving into that winter period right now, people are going to start asking questions about when the best time will be to go to market, if you wait till spring, or if you even leave it till next year. Now is actually a good time to look at your options. When you’ve sort of gauged an understanding of what you actually want to do, we’ll be more than happy to have a conversation, discuss your plans, and give you some ideas around what your options are.

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