The real story: the best approach to marketing your home for sale

If you’re thinking of selling your home, you may also be wondering how to market it effectively. No doubt you’ve got many questions like how much to spend on professional services, which channels to use and how to make your home appear its most beautiful to attract buyers. Here, we give you the real story behind advertising your home for sale, so you can approach the process with confidence.

Should I style my property for sale?

Property styling is one of the key areas of marketing that is often overlooked by vendors. Many feel it’s too frivolous or unnecessary. But buyers looking for their next home don’t see a property simply for its checklist of attributes – they see a place to grow their families, entertain their friends and spend relaxing evenings and weekends in a home they love. Property styling is truly essential in encouraging these buyers to see themselves living in your property, showing them all the luxury and warmth they are looking for. From a sales perspective, this translates to more interest in your home and we believe often a higher sale price.

How important is photography and copywriting?

How the property is presented extends beyond what’s inside the home. To attract the most buyers and visitors to your open home, high-quality professional photos can’t be overrated. First impressions count, and the photos used on your property’s website listings, print advertisements and social media are one of the main things that will decide if a buyer will attend your inspection, or if they’ll choose another property to visit instead. Inspirational, error-free copy in all advertisements is also a must for putting your property’s best foot forward.

How do I find the right mix of advertising channels for my property?

Different buyers look at different mediums, so an effective property marketing campaign will be tailored and customised to suit the target audience for your home. An excellent agent will be able to employ their years of expertise to make a recommendation just for you, which may include channels such as:

  • Social media content and advertisements
  • Listings in newspaper property lift-outs
  • Brochures or flyers
  • Website listings and advertisements
  • Emails to real estate agent databases
  • Videos to showcase a property’s stunning features or convey a sense of living in the home
  • Door knocking or letterbox drops in the local area

Is print still effective or should I just use digital?

As buyers are increasingly spending their time online, some agents focus their advertising attention on digital platforms, but this approach neglects to think about buyers who read their local press looking for opportunities nearby. Print can still play an important role in getting your property in front of the right buyers – when it’s done right, with the right property and the right target audience.

That said, digital methods are also very effective at targeting particular buyers and should be part of any strong marketing strategy. These days, we have a lot of data at our fingertips and we’re able to use it to find the right buyers who want a home just like yours, often resulting in excellent high-quality leads through channels like social media.

The importance of data in selling your home

Data is so important when it comes to selling property that we believe it is the new frontier in real estate. You only need to look at the focus of our new website to see how we’re using data.

Our homepage has a search box where you can type in your property address to immediately discover how many buyers we have looking for a home just like yours. This is built on our database of over 50,000 prospective buyers who we’ve met and spoken to in the last 12 months. We do the reverse for off-market sales and connect qualified buyers with sellers.

If you’re putting your home on the market, contact us to discuss the right marketing strategies for your home today.

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