What happens after I exchange on my property?



Once you’ve exchanged on a property, between exchange and settlement, your solicitor will handle most of the process.

At DiJones we have a dedicated settlements concierge who will help you through from exchange through to settlement.

Remembering under the contract, you’re entitled to one inspection three days prior to settlement, which means you can inspect the property within three days of settlement, known as the pre-settlement inspection.

This inspection is really for you to check if the property is in the current, state, condition and repair as when you bought it, and also that the inclusions as specified in the contract are still in the property.

Any additional inspections are really up to the vendor on whether they’re happy to approve that.

Remembering you should also re-forward your mail, you should make sure your electricity is connected and disconnected. If you’ve got Foxtail and internet, you can set that up as well for the day that you move in, it’s all ready to go.

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