What services do you offer for home security?



We install alarms. Back to base monitoring. What that is, is so you can connect it. It goes automatically back to your base monitor, means if your alarm goes off you have a choice where we call you and tell you or we can send out a truck and see what’s going on in your home. Very secure.

There’s also an app that can control that. You can turn your alarm on and off without even being at home. That’s a really handy thing. Also with the app, which is great is, if you’ve got young kids. When they come home, you can see that they’re home because they’ve turned the alarm off and you know that they’re safe.

With the security side of things, we install CCTV cameras. That’s becoming much more needed now. A lot of homes, unfortunately, we’re in a society that sometimes it’s not safe. We’re certainly installing a lot of cameras. Obviously mainly outside. What we do is we put what’s called and NDR, which is a recording device in the home. It can record up to a month of anything that’s going on. You can check it on your phone anywhere in the world and you can see what’s going on. It’s a really nice device.

Again, if you’ve got kids. You know sometimes they’re home or even if you’re home and you just want to know what’s going on outside. There’s been some things that are happening. It can all be recorded and seen on real time as well.


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