Why selling in winter is a hot idea

As the days start to cool down and the nights become longer, there’s no denying that Winter is here. But while the weather may be getting colder, the property market is still hot.


We’ve all heard the saying that Spring is the best time to sell your home. But is it really? Or is it simply an old wives tale?

There’s definitely truth to the fact that people become more active when the weather warms up, so there tend to be more buyers out and about in the market. But remember, if you choose to sell your home in Spring, you won’t be the only person with the same idea.

While activity in the market might be bursting at the seams during Spring, the shortfall of stock in Winter makes it a prime opportunity for sellers. Cooler weather doesn’t mean people stop house hunting. Demand remains strong, even though supply falls off.

Think about it. Would you rather be selling your home when there are 20 similar properties on the market or just five? One of the biggest advantages your property will have in Winter is a lack of competition from other similar properties. This means, as a seller, you have a unique opportunity during Winter to get the best possible price.

Buyers are also more committed in the Winter months. After all, it takes some motivation to leave the warm confines of home to traipse around inspecting properties when the weather turns chilly. So, while there may be fewer potential buyers out there, the ones who are looking to buy are ready, willing and able – and they could be willing to offer more to secure your property.

Buying and selling real estate is all about timing – and Winter could be the right time for you.

If you’re looking to sell during Winter, here are some tips to get your property ready:

  1. Make the most of the season

Showcase your home’s winter strengths. If you’re lucky enough to have fireplaces, centralised heating or outdoor fire pits, make sure these features are on full display during open homes.

  1. Create a cosy space

Keep the heating on for an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. Thick blankets on couches and in the bedrooms will create a cosy feeling, making buyers want to snuggle up in your home.

  1. Brighten your curb appeal

Freshen up your outdoor areas by putting out some potted Winter flowers to breathe life into the garden. Raking leaves, mowing the lawn and pruning bushes will help your home look vibrant.

  1. Open it up

If your home has been shut up during the day to fend off the cold, remember to open windows and let fresh air in before an inspection. You don’t want it smelling stale or musty.

  1. Let the light in

Natural light is attractive to buyers, so pull back the curtains. Clean windows will make the most of available sunlight on darker days, and turning on lamps and other lighting will banish dark corners.

You can avoid the Winter property blues by working with a quality agent who specialises in your area. At DiJones, we have a list of qualified buyers who are ready to buy regardless of the season. Talk to our team today

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