Will I ever need to replace the wiring in my home?



Great question and the simple answer to that is depends what wire you’ve got. So, if you’re doing wiring nowadays and putting new wiring in you and I don’t need to worry about it in our lifetime, bar anyone causing problems to the actual cables. So, the cables are great now. We won’t have issues with them.

But unfortunately, it’s very common too for rats and mice to eat through cables and the reason is when a cable’s got electricity going through it, it’s warm. So, a rat thinks warm is edible, so they eat. But nowadays with the new wires, it’s very hard to get through that. So, a rat would struggle to get through the cable, but could.

For the older cable and there’s called black rubber cable and what we call cotton cabling. And there’s a lot of cotton cabling. My advice get it out of your home. It’s dangerous. Again, I don’t want to alarm people and say it will cause a fire, but it can. It’s basically butter. If you touch this cotton cabling, it will just break in your hands. It’s dangerous. I don’t recommend it and if ever we see it we strongly recommend it be removed out of people’s homes. They could be 70, 80 year old cables and those ones you want to get rid of.

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