Private rooms for parents across all offices

DiJones real estate has now opened a private room at all of their offices across NSW to allow parents and carers to feed, and change nappies and heat up food.

General Manager Kylie Walsh was frustrated with continuously watching parents sitting on the floor outside of public toilets trying to feed and change their babies, so a few years ago she did something about it and created a private room for parents or carers to use at one of their offices in Woollahra.

Every parent is welcome to come in and use the change table for nappies, the comfy chair for feeding and the microwave to heat up milk and food.

But with three or four mothers still utilising the private room each week, Kylie was astounded that the demand was so high and has now expanded the incentive to all DiJones offices across NSW.

“We have three or four women each week using our office, so expanding it was an easy choice to make. If anyone wants a quiet area where babies don’t get distracted whilst trying to feed or somewhere that parents can spread out when changing babies and toddlers then we can help,” Ms Walsh said.

Ms Walsh said both men and women alike couldn’t believe that a real estate agency would come up with such an initiative.“We just ask that they take the nappies with them. We’ve all been there and sometimes the park-bench or the back of the car doesn’t cut it.”

“If people have the space why not help? There aren’t enough facilities like this in local council areas where families reside.

“Shopping centres are great at catering for this but in retail strip areas sometimes there are not suitable areas to change or feed babies without distractions or attend to different situations.

“Not everyone breastfeeds, so sometimes parents may just need a microwave or be out of wipes and that’s where we can help.

“Parents, you are welcome to enter any DiJones office and request to use our private rooms.”

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