Emma Prgomelja

Investment Manager | Partner
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With a reputation as one of the best in the business, Emma Prgomelja has more than 12 years experience in the real estate industry across the full spectrum of property types and markets. A licensed real estate agent, Emma has been awarded multiple accolades over her career to date, including Property Manager of the year 2014 and third place internationally in the Best New Talent category in 2011.

Emma is an active member of the Real Estate Institute NSW and takes a highly informed and educated approach to property management with her strong understanding of industry legislature, initiatives and trends. An excellent communicator with finely honed negotiation and problem-solving skills, Emma is a highly motivated professional who is passionate about what she does and committed to staying at the forefront of the industry.

At the core of Emma’s success is her ability to forge strong relationships with clients based on trust that has resulted in her excellent repute in the Eastern Suburbs market. A proven track record, progressive approach and exceptional customer service are the hallmarks of Emma’s career and she approaches everything she does with integrity and commitment ensuring invaluable peace of mind and excellent results.

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