Corporate Partnerships and Events Champion Rod Fitzgerald joins DiJones

Corporate Partnerships and Events Champion Rod Fitzgerald joins DiJones

Industry-leading talent Rod Fitzgerald has joined DiJones in the corporate team as Director for Corporate Partnerships and Events in a move to capitalise off continued brand influence.

DiJones Chief Executive Office Rob Ward says Mr Fitzgeralds’s appointment will catapult DiJones into its own league of real estate service offering.

“This appointment is inextricably linked to our strategy and belief that our agents and their clients deserve better.

“Exceptional corporate partnerships, awards programs, and events add value at every level and at all stages of the search and sell experience.

“DiJones is reimagining the real estate experience, and Rod is driving this new era and vision. He brings unparalleled experience and fresh energy to the team.

“One of our key corporate foundations is a focus on collaboration and by prioritising this amongst our network partnerships and communities we operate we have a long-term view of success and sustainable growth.

“Rod has a proven record of creating award-winning events and fostering long term meaningful relationships. He is a trusted team member and will work seamlessly alongside an equally dedicated corporate team,” said Mr Ward.

Mr Fitzgerald said he was thrilled to join the DiJones corporate team.

“The DiJones corporate team is a formidable group of individuals reshaping the real estate industry.

“They have an intense focus on their people, and I am excited to be empowering them with resources to achieve more and offer greater services to clients.

“Working with a network that promotes collaboration naturally cultivates a sense of community and family spirit and is what attracted me to the brand.

“The brand has set a benchmark for distinction and style as they continue to grow across Sydney and the Southern Highlands, and I am looking forward to contributing to this success.” Said Mr Fitzgerald.

Mr Fitzgerald has worked with members of the DiJones corporate team previously and is excited about bringing together one of the country’s most dynamic corporate teams.

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