DiJones launches a world-class digital assistant across their network enhancing consumers real estate experience

DiJones continues to set the benchmark for innovation in the real estate industry.  Recognised in 2019 by Elite Agent as a one of Australia’s top innovative real estate companies – DiJones are trailblazing a modern real estate approach.

DiJones Chief Executive Office Rob Ward is driving a strategy built on the understanding that clients and agents deserve and expect better – and technology and innovation will revolutionise the real estate experience.

“We conducted an internal project to gain unique market intelligence into a buyers real estate journey. Over 1000 agents were contacted and we found the average response time was 42 hours, and 22% of enquiries went unanswered.

“Armed with these advanced analytics and rich quantitative data our corporate team worked with innovation experts and in-house information technology specialists to develop a solution.

“Stage one of this solution has now been rolled out across all eight offices, launching our digital assistant powered by world-class artificial intelligence. This technology has its own natural language processing.

“Responding to all our portal and website enquiries within four minutes, this technology enhances our customer search and sell experience by tailoring responses to answer the specific question asked,” said Mr Ward.

In a society where consumers expect instantaneous responses, DiJones artificial intelligence capabilities execute this responsiveness, consistency, reliability and relevance at an unmatched level.

Capitalising off a data rich centralised database at DiJones, their digital assistant is also equipped with the ability to identify opportunities for agents when they arise in the CRM platform. Taking the guesswork out of prospecting, this leads to more personalised phone calls, with exceptional lead generation opportunities.

“We know that if we provide a good experience, our clients are more likely to provide us with relevant information that will enable us to share meaningful content with them.

“Combining information from our CRM, and marketplace data our digital assistant identifies hyper-personalised reasons for agents to call such as new listings in a customer’s street, or recent sales. These qualified leads take our agents into their own league of prospecting.

“Our digital assistant enables our agents to outpace competition by winning with speed to leads and setting the benchmark in the industry for response time.

“This allows our agents to be customer-facing, focusing on fostering relationships and providing meaningful search and sell experiences for families across the regions we operate,” said Mr Ward.

DiJones agile customer experience strategy and customer care program will see further delivery of innovation that will assist consumers real estate journey. A perfectly executed combination of digital and traditional methods, DiJones are pioneering a modern real estate experience and world-class customer service.

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