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An indispensable member of the DiJones team, Jennie Cho demonstrates her adaptability, impeccable communication skills and awareness of the nuances of negotiation to deliver her clients top results. Now with more than five years’ experience to her name, she’s built a deserved reputation for listening to her clients’ needs, understanding what they require and tailoring solutions accordingly. Jennie is one of those rare property professionals who has a passion for the process and achieving the best results for her clients. Her genuine care for her clients is inspiring, and her vibrant, friendly, approachable nature makes her a real pleasure to deal with. She's proactive, persistent and quick to take action, while her industry skillset is also complemented by a Bachelor of Communication. An investment property specialist who provides sound advice and guidance, Jennie’s background in leasing is invaluable for investors, being able to offer great insights into the demands of tenants. She loves being a part of the process of helping people find the next place to call home and thrives from seeing her clients happy with their results.

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