Di Jones Art Wall - August

Di Jones Real Estate is excited to announce the latest instalment of its Art Wall in the foyer of the Woollahra premises, featuring works by artists Jonathan Rosen (I Want Love 2015 collection) and David Gamble (Warhol Remembered collection). 

Jonathan Rosen’s work explores the personal complexity of love, dreaming and desire in his next series of large collages. The meticulously crafted pieces made from found objects and collections embody ‘labor of love’ and/or love as labor. Rosen carves the words ‘I Want…’ along with his innermost desires out of the canvas. What is left (lost) is a window in the canvas exposing his often universal conditions and ideas of love and want. 

Through this work, Rosen brings his personal wants and dreams quite literally to the surface for an intimate engagement with themes of hope, ambition, and loneliness. Rosen’s five large canvasses each address various ‘wants’ of the artist: from wanting to escape, to wanting to be a expressed, wanting to be loved. Each ‘dream’ the artist expresses in these works are deeply personal while at the same time universally resonant.

Born in London and now in New York, David Gamble is a photographer and painter of international acclaim. Winner of the Grand Prix European Award, Best Photographer in Europe, Arles, France 1987, the World Press Award Holland (1988, 2nd prize, Science & Technology) for his portrait of Stephen Hawking, which was used as the cover for Hawking’s crucial book A Brief History of Time, and The American Photography Award (1989). Working throughout the 80s/early 90s for Observer Magazine, Independent, Sunday Times, Telegraph, Traveller Magazine, Time-Life, Fortune (NY), Paris Match, The New Yorker, Newsweek (NY), his back-list is a who’s who in pictures: every shot a winner, every detail sharp yet subtle. His photographs are in major institutions including the The National Portrait Gallery UK, The National Portrait Gallery at the Smithsonian and the Warhol Museum Pittsburgh. An important exhibition of his Andy Warhol photographs toured the USA and Scandinavia in 2011.

In the weeks following Andy Warhol’s sudden death in 1987, photographer David Gamble was asked by Warhols’ mephistophelean manager Fred Hughes - whose portrait sitting in The Factory with the Elizabeth Taylor painting is a key work in the series - to photograph the very private sanctuary of the artist’s New York Townhouse and ‘The Factory’. 

Through eight days Gamble photographed Andy Warhol’s rooms, closets, shoes, clothing as well as jewellry and wigs loaned back specially by the Warhol Foundation to depict an indirect, yet deeply intimate portrait of a mysterious life defined by art, fame and wealth.

Di Jones Real Estate welcomes all to pop by and view the works. 

For information on the purchase of the works please contact Diana Palmer at diana@palmerartprojects.com