Di Jones RE Sponsor Clown Doctors

Di Jones Real Estate are excited to announce a sponsorship program with The Clown Doctors which commenced 1st July, 2016.  

The Clown Doctors program is run by The Humour Foundation and is dedicated to promoting the health benefits of humour to patients, their families, and health care professionals within a hospital setting. The program operates in all major children’s hospitals, with 23 hospitals around Australia, reaching children, families and hospital staff over 185,000 times a year.  “Clown Rounds” are conducted through all wards including intensive care and oncology, and most clinics including emergency and burns.

The Di Jones team cares about more than just property. We’re passionate about the communities we work in too. With our team of real estate professionals servicing the Eastern Suburbs, Northern Suburbs, North Shore and Southern Highlands our sponsorship of the Clown Doctors is just another way to help support local families in the community who might be requiring medical treatment.

Between July 2012 and June 2015, the Clown Doctors conducted 4,302 hospital rounds and achieved almost half a million individual interactions with children, their family and hospital staff.

Hospitals can be very traumatic, particularly for children.  Children can feel sad, anxious, tense, frightened, lonely and in pain. They also have to adjust to unfamiliar routines, surgical instruments and hospital procedures.  When a child is in hospital, they are away from the comfort of their own home and all that is familiar.

Clown Doctors help to alleviate some of the negative experiences of hospitals and bring joy to children’s lives. The program addresses the psychosocial needs of children in hospital in a unique way by making them laugh in an environment that is normally associated with sadness and fear. 

Clown Doctors are specially trained professional artists who combine interpersonal and communication skills with improvisational performances (eg. Clowning, mime, music, movement, dance, juggling, magic and storytelling) to facilitate play in a nurturing and supportive environment.

Our staff can elect to donate a percentage of the settlement fees and/or salary sacrifice.  Over the next year we will also hold specific events designed to raise awareness of the Clown Doctors program and raise much needed funds to help them continue contributing towards transforming the experience of the hospital, making the environment feel less threatening and medical procedures less traumatic for sick children, their families and hospital staff.

Clown Doctors treat children in hospital with medicine of a different kind…doses of fun and laughter.