The History Of Woollahra Train Station

The Woollahra train station was planned to be part of the Bondi Junction line. In fact, the train station exists to this day and is still very visible, however it is amazing just how many locals do not know about the train station.

During the construction of the Bondi Junction line in the 60’s and 70’s, the land was owned by the NSW Department of Railways and the area in Woollahra was earmarked for a potential train station. Before construction started, the site was used by locals as a grassy private haven. It was an undiscovered playground (or so they thought).

When the locals found out about the plans to have the train line go through the oasis, the locals were absolutely appalled at the thought, so they lobbied against the proposed plan to the NSW State Government.

Fortunately for the locals, the Bondi Junction line was way over budget at the time, and the construction had slowed down at the time of the protests. The Edgecliff railway station buildings and tunnels were built by 1969, and the line all the way to Bondi Junction railway station did not open until 1979. This gave the residents of Woollahra plenty of time to organise their opposition to the station.

The local community was so opposed at the thought of having a Woollahra train station that they took the NSW Government all the way to the High Court, but to no avail. As a result the construction of the train station went ahead with the majority of the construction and works implemented, but due to the residents backlash and a project that had gone massively over budget, the government decided to pull the project.

The abandoned infrastructure has a fence on one side backing on to multi-million dollar homes and on the other side of the abandoned train station a park like area.