Girls to the front

Women leading Sydney’s real estate search

The way we buy items big and small has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. The rise of the internet has seen our capacity for online research greatly expand, with most people researching their purchase and comparing prices online before even contemplating stepping into a store.

So it should come as no surprise that when it comes to searching for real estate online, women are increasingly taking a more active role than men. Women are taking the lead in the search for property and they also play a major part in the final decision, according to statistics from leading property portals and Di Jones’ own website.

Surveys conducted over the past decade show that the majority of people searching for homes on are women. In fact, almost 55 per cent of the major property portal’s unique audience is female1. And not only are the of majority property searchers women, they are also searching more regularly. A third (33 per cent) of women aged between 25-49 visit each month, as compared to 26 per cent of men2.

At Di Jones Real Estate, our own website traffic also supports this trend, with almost twice as many women as men visiting with almost 80,000 total visits per month. During the first quarter of 2017, nearly 65 per cent of our visitors were women and most of these women were browsing on smartphones.

Buying a property is about more than just bricks and mortar. It can be as much an emotional, heart-led decision as it is an investment decision. And whether it’s buying the family home or making a savvy property investment, women are leading the property search with both their hearts and minds.

1.  Neilson, March 2015
2.  Roy Morgan, June 2016