About to start preparing your property for sale?

It’s not every day that you sell your property so it’s understanding if it can cause overwhelm. To help you avoid any additional stress, we’ve prepared a checklist with the top things you need to do to prep your home to go on the market, we hope they are of use to you!


  1. Review the interior and exterior building and the gardens of your house and make a checklist. Is there anything that can be or needs to be tidied? Does the garden need tending too? Or any part of the house need painting? All the walls of your rooms neutral colours? These details may seem small but you want to ensure that you are presenting your home in the best possible light.
  2. This is also your opportunity to deal with any major structural issues. If you aren’t able to fix them, make sure that you have a plan in place on how to address it for the sale campaign. Finishing any outstanding projects and repairs may help a sale process smoother if everything is taken care of prior to the campaign.
  3.  Clear out the clutter. Anything that could stop a potential buyer from seeing how fabulous your home is, put it in storage. This includes your favourite couch that takes up the whole room. Remove any personal items, like family photos. Keep your rooms simple to help buyers imagine their belongings in the space.
  4. Clean out your wardrobe. This is the perfect opportunity to clean out your wardrobe. A bedroom with plenty of space in the wardrobe is often a selling point, if you have one that is full to the brim it may give the impression that there is less space than there actually is.
  5. Bust out the vacuum cleaner. Now you have a clear space to work with, it’s time to clean. Give your home a clean from bottom to top. If this is too big a job or you have relocated, make it easier on yourself and hire a cleaner to look after it professionally for you. This is also time to shampoo your carpets, spot treat them, and polish any hardwood floors. If any flooring is damaged, or scratched, now is your time to either replace or fix it.
  6. An inexpensive trick that can have a lot of visual impact is to freshen up and fixtures and hardware. Have a good look at any light fixtures, mirrors, taps, shower heads and cabinet hardware. These can all be updated easily.
  7. Scent plays a big part in a successful inspection. If you want to use a scent for the campaign recent research has shown that the best smell for an open home isn’t freshly baked bread or cookies, it’s a subtle citrus scent!
  8. Remember to make the entrance of your property inviting. It’s the first thing a potential buyer sees when they inspect your home. Check the front door to see if it needs painting or new hardware and remove any clutter that may be in the way.
  9. It can be important to stage your home during the campaign. This can be done yourself or with professional advice. Think about it prior to listing, give each room a purpose, place furniture to maximise the feelings of space and like and use props to give it a lived-in feel.