Keeping it cool when heading back to school!

As the school holidays are coming to an end, it’s time to start thinking about getting the kids ready for a big year of learning, growing and developing.
We’ve put together some tips for preparing with minimal stress. 
1. Supplies
Shopping for stationary with kids can be a nightmare, I remember every year I wanted a new packet of connector pens (are they still even cool?), fancy folders, colouring pencils and of course a new pencil case and backpack. I didn’t bear in mind that these things actually cost money, the stuff I had from 6 weeks ago was totally fine and they had to do it all again for my sister. 
Now obviously it’s not much of a tip to get your school supplies from Officeworks, but they have a service where they do the shopping for you and all you do is pop in and pick it up (no kids required). The School List Service enables you to upload your school list online (or drop it in to your nearest store if that suits you better), they pick and pack your items for you and call or text you when it’s ready to collect. They also have a price promise that they’ll beat prices like for like by 20%, if you’re a supreme bargain hunter.
2. DIY ideas
Once you’ve got your shopping done, the kids might want to customise their stationary to reflect their own personality and style. It’s also a great holiday project that might even get them excited about going back to school! 
We’ve found some fab and fun YouTube tutorials that will take you step by step how to personalise your kids stationary, without even having to write their name on it!
Notebooks: We really love these Notebook decoration ideas from The Creative Glow and her tutorials are so easy to follow! 
No-Sew pencil case (and more!): YouTuber Jordan Clark makes a cute and unique pencil case that no one else in class will have, plus ideas on how to customise the pencils you’re going to put in the pencil case! There is also a really cute binder cover and there’s a link to a free printable for some of the designs she uses in the video. 
These videos will lead you down a rabbit hole of DIY, so find a style you like and start creating!
3. Give back
There are many families that can’t afford to send their children to school with any supplies, let alone new supplies and we’ve found a charity that is dedicated to helping each child off to the best start in 2018. Got A Pen allows you to donate school supplies to various drop off points around Sydney and the team there gets the stationary to children in need. You could get your kids on board bundling some basic packs together and delivering them or you can simply donate funds to the website