Autumn is the new spring

If you thought Spring was the most popular season to buy and sell property, think again. It’s actually Autumn – but who would have guessed?

We’re used to hearing about the crazy ‘Spring selling season’, but data compiled by CoreLogic actually shows that Autumn comes out on top.

It makes sense when you think about it.

Autumn is a time when buyers and sellers alike act on their New Year’s property resolutions. After spending the first few months readying their homes for sale, the season sees lots of sellers going to market. And buyers, having done their research and sorted their finances, are ready to act quickly when they find the perfect property.

And let’s not forget Mother Nature. The weather is great in Autumn, as we move from the hot and harsh summer to the milder months. There’s no doubt that attending open homes is a much more pleasant experience when the weather is nice.

Buying and selling real estate is all about timing – and Autumn could be the right time for you.