Di Jones leads in Innovation

Di Jones leads in innovation

An innovative approach and cutting-edge solutions make Di Jones one of the most exciting real estate brands in the country. 

Di Jones IT Manager Peter Chodyra said the network understands the key role that innovation plays in the success of an agency due to the experience of the Di Jones leadership team and their years working in the industry in varying offices and franchise networks.

“As a result, we developed the ‘Follow Me’ platform, infrastructure and IT architecture,” Mr Chodyra said.

“Our way of thinking and the reason for developing this platform is to have less moving parts and more flexible and scalable solutions. 

“We are trying to simplify our methods and, importantly, centralise our platforms so there is a common look and feel of our systems for all employees.

“We had scalability and growth in mind and wanted to establish the systems at a point where we still have control, and as we grow the platform can grow with us.” 

Mr Chodyra said given the growth of the business over the last 12 months, Di Jones had to find a cost saving and smarter way to do business.

“The ‘Follow Me’ platform allowed us to do this. It was a massive investment of both labour and money, and will continue to evolve year on year.” 

He said the centralised technology allows employees to access their own files from anywhere in the world within the network with a secure login to the server.

“Our agents are no longer geographically restricted to just one office or location. They can work from where ever they are, which means that they have more time to focus on listing property and working for their clients which has already positively impacted the business.

“We believe it is a key reason why Di Jones took out the REINSW Awards for Excellence this year in the Innovation category,” he said.

“It’s also been great for staff morale.

“Our team loves the flexibility to hot desk, particularly if they are away for the weekend or on leave and want to just pop into the virtual office and use the resources available,” he said.

For further information or to speak with Di Jones IT Manager Peter Chodyra, contact Helen Hull at media@dijones.com.au or on 0419 642 961.