DiJONES community work enhances lives.

A community in Ethiopia will receive the support of three midwives as a result of volunteer work by the DiJONES Real Estate team in the Southern Highlands. Barbara May Foundation General Manager Joanne Crowley said $3400 was raised from candles donated by DiJONES at the Bowral Christmas Carols held in December.

“It is a credit to DiJONES and its culture that its teams are empowered to volunteer in their local communities,” she said. “The funds raised will train three midwives in the city of Barhir dar, Ethiopia – which not only gives these young women a lifelong profession, but also a paying job and great personal pride. These young women become ambassadors in their own villages helping empower other young women to gain further education. They improve the quality of their communities while helping women have dignity and safety in childbirth – something we take so much for granted in our first world,” Ms Crowley said.

DiJONES CEO Rob Ward said volunteer work played an important role in the life of the agency. “We encourage all of our team members and offices to get behind a charity and the Barbara May Foundation is just one of the many organisations we support,” Mr Ward said.

In December, DiJONES also supported the inaugural Clown Doctors Christmas Appeal to brighten the lives of sick children.