Preparing your home for the Year of the Dog!

Chinese New Year celebrations kick off tomorrow so we’re wishing luck and prosperity to all celebrating this worldwide event! In hopes of a New Year full of happiness and prosperity, there are ways to prepare your home for the Year of Dog. So welcome the good and say goodbye to the bad this Chinese New Year with some traditions that are very close to home. 
Some Housekeeping
According to tradition, you want to clean the house from top to bottom before the New Year falls, to rid your home of all the bad luck gathered in the previous year. You get to have a break though after all your hard work, because you cannot sweep during the first few days of the New Year or all the new luck will be swept away! 
Cleaning your house also symbolises settling your unfinished business to start fresh for the New Year. It’s also a great time to pay off debts, settle disagreements with friends and family or finish that DIY project that has been pending for months! 

Food for thought
Coming together and sharing food is one of the best traditions of Chinese New Year, with families gathering to share fantastic feasts. Food is always in abundance, to signify prosperity for the year ahead! However, the bulk of the food preparation must be done ahead of time, as a popular New Year superstition says that all knives must be put away. Using a knife in the first few days of the year “cuts off” all the good luck you’ve got coming your way. 

A grand entrance
If you’ve noticed red and gold banners at the entrance of houses, apartments and businesses in the last few days, these are messages of good luck to ring in the New Year. Red and gold are lucky colours for Chinese, red symbolising vitality of life and happiness, while gold represents wealth and prosperity. People also decorate their homes with “lucky plants” which include orange trees, mandarin trees, bamboos, branches of cherry blossoms and stalks of pussy willows. 

Are there any other traditions that you like to participate in at home? Let us know in the comments how you prepare for Chinese New Year.