DIY - Christmas tree skirt

Looking add something extra to your Christmas tree this year?
Here is a quick an easy cheat sheet for you to make your own Christmas tree skirt.

You'll need:
- Fabric (You'll need enough to cover the floor to the edge of the base of the branches, then double it!)
- Sewing machine
- Scissors
- Any additional decorations you wish to add.

Step 1: Lay your material flat on the floor, double layered. Make sure that the patterned sides of the fabric are both facing each other (internal) as we will we be reversing the fabric once sewn.

Step 2: For a quick and easy cheat, we used props around the house to use as a guide for the size of our circle. Cut out the main shape first. Re-centre using another prop & cut out the internal circle. You'll want to ensure that there is a gap in the material so that you can wrap it around the tree. When done, the final shape will look like a giant 'C'.

Step 3: Pin the edge of your fabric in preparation for sewing. Remember to ensure that the patterned sides of fabric are facing each other (internal).

Step 4: Start at one point of the fabric and follow the edge almost all the way around, make sure you leave a gap. Turn the tree skirt inside out through the gap & sew up the hole.

Step 5: Finish it as it is or get decorating with some additional details! You can get into the Christmas spirit by adding a fur trim or some bells!