Sue Lane

Personal Assistant to Michael Cawthorn
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A professional and approachable Assistant to Michael Cawthorn, Sue Lane brings a depth of experience to DiJONES that only comes with maturity. During her extensive and lengthy career, she’s supported corporate executives, chairpersons as well as sales teams, in various sectors. Sue holds an Advanced Certificate in Marketing and has a portfolio of published writings and articles. Having lived in the Southern Highlands for 30 years, plus the Blue Mountains and Sydney, she has a strong network of business/personal contacts.

Her worldly wisdom, life skills, friendly disposition and superior customer service allow her to easily relate to others. The fast-paced industry is fascinating for Sue, and she enjoys seeing people happy with their property decisions. As Michael’s loyal right-hand, her effective communication style is appreciated by his clients.  She is an efficient, positive and confident performer, who can be relied upon to answer your questions. Well suited to Michael’s target market, Sue is someone you can trust throughout your exciting real estate journey.

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Kelvin Murray

Sales Associate to Michael Cawthorn