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Linda Ratcliff

Residential Sales

Valerie Latham

Residential Sales

Valerie was excellent. She is a focused, polite and honest agent. She got down to the hard work of selling our house and did a really great job. Her years of experience showed she knew what she was doing. She inspired confidence in her and us and that helped for us to work together to sell the prope…Read More

Gerry & Karin

Great effort in a difficult market. Linda did an outstanding job. We tried to sell our house through another agent which was unsuccessful and poorly managed. Linda and Val were extremely professional and did an outstanding job. The difference between the two agents was vast.They were determined …Read More

Doc & Ali

Great result in turbulent market. Valerie and Linda secured an excellent result for us despite the market being in a very difficult stage. They identified and negotiated with the purchaser and achieved a result which we are very happy with.

Anthony & Carol

Thank you Linda for the effective and ultimately rewarding marketing campaign through Di Jones. I was put at ease with your humor and encouragement, which kept me grounded, through the negotiation process. I would highly recommend Linda to any future Vendor, thinking of selling. I was pleased with t…Read More

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