Evelyn Whelan

Regional Manager | Investment Management
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Keeping DiJONES reputation as an industry leader on track, Evelyn Whelan is a proven Department Manager, who oversees the day-to-day business operations for our growing team. In a role necessitating the ability to relate to diverse personalities, Evelyn is an honest and straightforward communicator. Her efficiency at managing productive teams, held accountable for achieving key performance indicators, requires impressive skills, competency and forethought. From a human resources perspective, she ensures that people’s expertise meets expectations and that professional development, coaching and mentoring is available to all. Her long-term career at the Neutral Bay agency provides her with invaluable insight of each department’s vision. From handling client liaison to rolling out projects, Evelyn is a balanced person with the intellect to deal with a multitude of situations, whilst nurturing a beneficial culture for our team and our clients.

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