Who We Are

At DiJones, we know the key is finding what drives you. Understanding your purpose. Seeing eye-to-eye so we see more of your vision, more of that thing that means more to you than anybody else. And the feeling of living it makes you feel like you.

Whether it’s the confidence you get from advice that creates more wealth, The freedom when more potential is realised in your property, Peace of mind when you’ve got more independence to live your life how you want, Or safety and security in finding a place to make more of your next chapter.

There’s more to your story. That’s why we give you the power to make the right decision today.

Why DiJones

DiJones is the real estate company that puts people first. Our commitment to our clients and employees has earned us two prestigious awards at the Annual REA Awards for Excellence (AREAs), including Residential Agency of the Year for two consecutive years (2020 & 2021), and finalist in the Wellbeing Initiative of the Year category in 2022.

We are proud to have been the first agency in the AREA's six-year history to achieve the two-consecutive winner feat, and we attribute it to our focus on three key pillars: people, process, and platforms.

We believe that investing in our employees' wellbeing is critical to our success, and we provide a supportive and healthy work environment that fosters personal and professional growth. We also prioritise our clients' desired outcomes and understand that being the biggest agency is not our goal; rather, we aim to deliver exceptional service, innovative technology, and excellent management that combine to create a personalised experience for each client.

Our judges have praised us for our exceptional service, innovation, and community engagement, and we are grateful for their recognition. We believe that putting wellness and health at the core of our business is embedded in our DNA, and it strengthens our company culture and success for our clients. What the judges said:

“...Exceptional...combines service, technology, team, vision and excellent management.” “Very impressive....Love the innovation and community engagement and the focus on customer experience.” AREA judges comments – Residential Agency of the Year To learn more about our values and how we can help you achieve your real estate goals, please click here. To read more about our Wellbeing initiatives that we implement for our team, please click here.

Our founder

From humble beginnings Di Jones changed the face of real estate and inspired a new generation of real estate service. Tenacious and determined, Di Jones was a trailblazer, who recognised the role that women play in the decision making during the sale and purchase of a home and vowed to give them the attention they deserved.

Growing up in Botany, Diane Lenore Walker, left school at 15, and attended secretarial college. Her first job gave her the funds to travel to Europe and on her return home Di celebrated a love of France that inspired her for her whole life. A true Francophile as she called herself.

At a party in Bellevue Hill, Di met Bill Jones, a successful auctioneer. They married and Di turned her focus to raising a family. This changed after their second child Matthew, was born with severe brain damage. Di returned to work to support their decision to send him to the Rudolf Steiner special school Warrah.

Di and Bill purchased a Raine & Horne franchise in Glebe in 1980 and Di commenced her career in real estate. Their approach was to hit the pavement and door knock and Di was soon recognised as a formidable salesperson. A year later Di began her career in the Eastern Suburbs, in the fiercely competitive Woollahra/Paddington area when they took over Raine & Horne in Woollahra.

They then purchased Richardson & Wrench Woollahra which became one of the top 5 performers in the national network the entire eight years Di and Bill owned the office. Di was consistently named in the Top 2 in the network for sales performance and her reputation grew as someone who listed the 'best' properties in the area and achieved top prices for them, with a clearance rate at auction close to 100 percent.

In 1989 Di and Bill sold the Richardson & Wrench Woollahra office and Di remained as a sales consultant in the business.

Still feeling dissatisfied by corporate structures, Di Jones Real Estate was opened in 1992.

Our History

Di Jones created the brand based around marketing, styling and the customer. She opened the agency not with the desire to be the biggest, she wanted to be the most effective and caring.

Di's innovative approach to real estate marketing revolutionised the industry by leveraging photographic imagery in a ground breaking manner. Departing from the conventional reliance on extensive textual descriptions, she opted for vibrant colour photos and full-page advertisements to showcase properties, elevating them to premium status. Drawing from her own home's furnishings, she curated staged setups for homes on sale, injecting a personal touch and enhancing their appeal. The introduction of her bespoke magazine further distinguished her brand, offering a platform to spotlight properties in a manner unparalleled in the industry. This bold strategy not only attracted attention but also fostered repeat business, propelling Di to unprecedented success in the real estate market. Her ability to blend creativity with strategic marketing not only set her apart but also set a new standard for the industry as a whole.

Her signature French Blue made the brand stand out from the crowd and a feminine touch was welcomed by the market. She was the first to create lights on signboards and the first to use colour in diagrams, such as floorplans and property advertisements in The Wentworth Courier, as well as the first virtual tours and auctions.

A forward thinker, from as early as 1998, Di embraced the use of the internet and shortly after virtual tours were an addition to every property marketed by the agency. Broadcast live on the internet, Di Jones was able to attract overseas buyers who could easily and effectively participate in the auction process. She partnered with the best suppliers and looked outside the real estate profession to give a level of service that had never been seen before in the industry.

A true trailblazer, Di Jones would go the extra mile for her clients and not only paved the way for a generation of female real estate agents, but she also set the trend for the entire industry.

1992 – brand launch with the opening of the Woollahra office with an all female team

1998 – Balmain office opens, dijones.com.au first website launches

1999 – first to offer virtual walk-throughs of all its listed properties and sells properties using the internet as the first point of contact

2000 – ‘The Church’ Woollahra office and auction room and Double Bay office open

2002 – Mosman Office opens

2004 – Di sells business to Kim Jones and Gary Sands and Di retires

2007 – Bondi Junction and Bronte offices open

2009 –The Matthew Jones Foundation established in honour of Matthew Jones who passed away in 2007

2014 – DiJones Woollahra moves to Queens Court as the brand looks to expand. Di Jones becomes a brand ambassador

2015 – Starts selling property in the Southern Highlands of NSW

2016 – Wahroonga office opens

2017 – Southern Highlands office opens and Beecroft and Thornleigh offices merge into one Northern Suburbs office at Beecroft Post office

2018 – Queens Court office moves to current office in Paddington

2018 – Di Jones passed away on 23 June 2018 at the age of 74

2019 – Lower North Shore operations begin

2020 – Mid north shore, Willoughby and Pittwater operations begin

2020 – DiJones wins residential agency of the year at the AREA excellence awards

2021 – DiJones wins residential agency of the year at the AREA excellence awards for 2nd year in a row

2021 – DiJones launches conversational AI, allowing 24/7 access to property information

2021 – Central Coast offices open in Avoca, Terrigal and Erina plus Illawarra and Woollahra office opens

2023 - Finalist in wellbeing initiative of the year at the AREA excellence awards

2023 - DiJones strengthens stronghold in Upper & Mid North Shore markets with Chadwick merger

Our leadership team