Ivy He

Investment Manager

Real Estate Licence: 20436271

0429 016 456


Ivy He


DiJones Neutral Bay Property Management
Ground Floor, Suite 5/15 Grosvenor Street
Neutral Bay 2089

Corporation Details

No one walks the walk and talks the talk better than Ivy He, senior investment manager at DiJones Neutral Bay. With her 13 years in real estate, Ivy has become an expert at providing outstanding service to clients. Her positive attitude and proactive approach allows her to create relationships with people that last, making it easier to help them find the home they've always dreamed of. Throughout Ivy’s career, one of her proudest moments was being able to successfully assist a young couple who had been searching for weeks to find a new place to live in. And it's because of her superb organisation and time management skills that she's always prepared for any challenge. If you're looking for a driven and communicative senior investment manager who will give you reliable advice, contact Ivy He.

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