Kiki Wang

Senior Investment Manager

0415 224 201

Kiki Wang


DiJones Wahroonga
1-3 Railway Avenue
Wahroonga 2076

Hard working, down to earth and friendly, senior property manager Kiki Wang provides outstanding customer service by building profound relationships with clients. Extremely reliable, she is genuinely committed to solving everyone’s concerns and creating win-win situations wherever possible. Kiki’s numerous years of experience in real estate have allowed her to develop expert negotiation capabilities and property knowledge. Fluent in English and Mandarin, she's also held previous roles in the hospitality industry, ensuring solid communication skills and a solutions-oriented approach. Delighted to be in the business, Kiki is inspired to help clients reach great achievements every time. Representing DiJones’ Upper North Shore team, Kiki Wang is the go-to person for all property questions and concerns.

Kiki Wang
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