Vanessa Garton

Sales Associate To Sarah Burke

0416 011 885

Vanessa Garton


DiJones Bowral
19 Boolwey Street
Bowral 2576

Known for delivering effortless professionalism and exemplary service every single time, Vanessa Garton is a dedicated sales associate who will navigate clients through the dynamic and competitive real estate world. Confident in harnessing the experience of previous careers, she uses her extensive knowledge of the travel and recruitment industries to effectively manage teams and provide skilful negotiation throughout the sales process. With an outgoing personality and great empathy, Vanessa thrives on easily creating rapport and building lasting relationships across a diverse range of people. She is adept at thinking on her feet and showing grace under pressure, so if you're looking for a sales associate who is determined to ensure the best outcome, call Vanessa Garton.

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