Zing Liu

Investment Manager

Real Estate Licence: 20243672

0423 656 182


Zing Liu


DiJones Neutral Bay Property Management
Ground Floor, Suite 5/15 Grosvenor Street
Neutral Bay 2089

Corporation Details

Endlessly driven to provide the absolute finest customer experience, Zing Liu has your best interests at heart as a focused and reliable investment manager. She brings plenty of industry experience to the table, having proved herself in previous sales and property management roles. An efficient, detailed-oriented professional who’s passionate about helping others with their property needs, she gets the job done thanks to her adaptability and creativity as well as her critical thinking and problem solving abilities. Zing loves connecting with people in both English and Mandarin, maintaining long-term tenant and landlord relationships with her interpersonal talents. Energetic, thoughtful and fun, Zing Liu is your vibrant and helpful partner in achieving your real estate goals.

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