Dealing with the ‘emotional clutter’ of selling your home

Dealing with the ‘emotional clutter’ of selling your home

July 5, 2017 | by DiJones

There are plenty of obvious stresses when it comes to selling your home, from setting the right sale price to the anticipation of auction day. Then there’s the ‘emotional clutter’ that tends to pile up along the way. Here are some of the most common concerns we hear about and the best ways to keep your cool. Challenge: I’m worried about my sale price Even though upper north shore sellers are in the enviable position of owning in a tightly held market, there’s always that nagging concern that your sale price might be far too low or unrealistically high. Solution: Lean on your agent’s marketing expertise This is where the local market knowledge of your real estate agent comes into play, combined with their ability to reach as many buyers are possible. The best agents will help you set a price range that balances optimism with realism, and promote your home to buyers who are genuinely interested in putting their hands up at auction.

Challenge: I’m downsizing and not sure about my next step Downsizing can be a particularly emotional transition, often involving leaving a much loved family home for a neighbourhood that’s unfamiliar. Solution: Get expert advice and consider renting short term  Don’t hesitate to talk to your real estate agent about options in the neighbourhoods you’re interested in. Even if you’re looking outside their particular market, they may well have advice on wider trends and the best time to make your move. If you’re still unsure, consider finding a short-term rental property to give you an opportunity to road test your new neighbourhood.

Challenge: Inspection days are becoming a nightmare Keeping your property looking perfect in those 24 hours before an open house can be exhausting, especially if your sale is taking longer than anticipated. Solution: Leave it to a professional stylist  This is one aspect of your sale that’s well worth outsourcing. Engaging a professional property stylist means you can take a well-earned break before inspections, knowing prospective buyers will always see your home at its best.

Challenge: I need to sell quickly (and quietly) We know that sometimes a fast, discreet sale is preferable to the very public process of advertising, inspections and an eventual auction. Solution: Agent connections with keen buyers If you want to sell with minimal fanfare, the good news is that pre-auction sales are on the rise across Ku-ring-gai. An experienced agent will be able to promote your property to the right buyers at the right time, resulting in a quick, fuss-free sale.

If selling your home is becoming a source of stress, don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert team - we can advise on each of these areas and help you manage this delicate transaction.