How to move in time for Christmas

How to move in time for Christmas

September 19, 2017 | by DiJones

Christmas is just around the corner, right? Well, when it comes to property, it’ll be upon us sooner than you think. The process of searching, finding and securing your dream home or investment takes months, not weeks – and that’s not even taking into account the traditional December lull in the real estate industry.

Spring is the busiest time of year in the auction market

Call it tradition, but sellers seem to associate spring with auctions – which means it’s typically the busiest time of year for the market, with the highest volume of listings, which is great news for buyers.

The more houses on the market, the more opportunity for buyers.

This means you’re more likely to find the house you want, but it does also mean there are more buyers out there looking, so the competition is still hot.

Searching for a property takes longer than you think

Buying a property is a big commitment, particularly in Sydney’s current market. So you don’t want to rush the buying process. You also need to take stock of your financial situation.

Have you already sold your home? When is your settlement, or how much notice do you have to give on your lease? If you’re trying to line things up so that you can have a smooth transition between houses, you may also need to list your current property now.

You can’t just move straight in

If you’ve bought property before, you’ll know all about settlement. That is, the period of time between when you make your initial deposit and when you hand over the full purchase amount and the keys to your new property. In NSW, the standard settlement period is 42 days – although with buyers keen to move in and sellers keen to move out in time for Christmas, there’sprobably some room to negotiate a shorter settlement if need be.

Things really quieten down over Christmas

While you may read the odd story of the committed buyer or agent doing a deal between Christmas and New Year, it’s incredibly rare. In reality, most deals are done and dusted well in advance of the second half of December. That means you need to have your contract inked and settlement scheduled well before then.

It doesn’t just apply to the real estate industry, either. Removalists, banks and utilities companies tend to shut down or drastically reduce customer service operations over the Christmas break right up until a week into the new year, so it pays to have everything scheduled and completed before this happens.

Time to settle in before a brand-new year

The end of the school year is usually one of the least intrusive times to move for children, particularly if those children are in primary school. If you move before Christmas, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy all the traditional family events in your new home, and allow your children to use their summer break to get to know their new neighbourhood and daily commute.

And, if you’re in a new catchment zone or moving to be closer to one of the north shore’s prestigious private schools [link to schools article here], there’s nothing better for your child’s wellbeing than starting a new school year at a new school from the very beginning.

Scheduling your move before the big summer break also allows you and your family to enjoy your new home during the festive season, creating new memories and taking some well earnt rest after a big move.

So if you’re thinking of buying or selling before Christmas talk to our team about how we can help

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