How to prepare for your home for sale

How to prepare for your home for sale

May 11, 2017 | by DiJones

Preparing to sell your home can feel like an enormous job, but these tips will help you avoid common pitfalls and get the best price for your property. While your home reflects your lifestyle and personality, most buyers want to walk into an inspection and imagine their own ideal lifestyle.

Here’s five things to consider when preparing your home to appeal to the widest cross-section of the market:

1. Do your research

Trying to see the home through the eyes of a buyer is the first step in knowing what needs to be done. As you walk through your home, make a list of anything which needs to be cleaned, repaired or decluttered. Look online or at real estate guides to collect home styling ideas, which you can use as a blueprint for styling your own home. It’s important you focus on what is desirable for your type of property in the area in which you’re selling – for instance, Ku-Ring-Gai is popular with young families. Soit’s worth talking to a local agent, to get a sense of the potential target market for your property.

2. Declutter

It’s the golden rule of preparing your home for sale. Go through your possessions and sell or donate everything you haven’t used in years. Remove mobile phone and computer chargers and other cords from power points. Take out items kept under beds or on top of cupboards. Clear surfaces of ornaments and photographs so that only one or two focal items remain. Remove unnecessary furniture so that visitors can walk freely through the home, and ensure that cupboards are not full to bursting. You may also want to consider a storage facility for large pieces of furniture and out-of-season clothes.

3. An inviting entrance

The first thing buyers will be looking for is your house number. Make sure the number is clearly displayed, clean and updated to fit the aesthetic of your home. The front door should be well-maintained and recently painted. Look critically at the front garden and remove shoes, children’s equipment, and gardening paraphernalia from the verandah or porch. When buyers first step inside, the entrance hallway or corridor should feel warm, light and welcoming.

4. Home maintenance

Now is the time to do small repairs or even larger renovations to make sure your home is in its best shape. Check that cupboard doors open smoothly and that fittings in the bathroom and kitchen are easily operational. Imagine you are conducting a condition report of your own home. A simple coat of paint can work wonders to brighten up a room, and small renovations like lighting and flooring can sometimes add big value.

5. Pay attention to cleanliness

It goes without saying that an unclean home will put off potential buyers. Remove evidence of pets, especially litter trays, sleeping areas and food bowls. Instead of trying to mask odours with air freshener, put a bowl of fresh apples in the kitchen or make a pot of fresh coffee (removing the pot from the kitchen before the inspection begins).

Remember, being organised, and doing as much as you can in advance is the key to success when preparing your home for sale. Don’t be afraid to call in help from friends and family, and consult your agent for professional advice. Spending a little time and money preparing your home to look its best will mean your home has the widest possible appeal, and achieves the best price it can.

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