Is property styling worth it?

Is property styling worth it?

June 26, 2017 | by DiJones

In today’s real estate market professional home styling is the new norm. Over 70% of homes sold across the upper north shore have had some level of styling or ‘staging’ before potential buyers come through the door, and it’s proving to be well worth the cost. If you’re planning to sell and want to reach your maximum sale price, here’s what you need to know about styling.

The basics: What professional styling involves

Property styling can involve anything from a temporary new look for a small, unfurnished apartment to a full-scale makeover for a large, occupied property. A stylist’s key tasks will be:

  • Clear out all clutter and arrange rooms to highlight their best features.

  • Use new furnishings and decorations to create a streamlined, appealing look.

  • Prepare the property for your photographer to get the best possible shots for your listing.

  • Keep the property styled for a specified period – usually to cover each inspection date along with sale day, if you’re planning to sell at auction.

Is it really worth the cost?

With most professional styling agencies charging in the thousands for their services, it’s understandable that some buyers may have doubts about adding another cost to the list. When making the decision it’s helpful to focus on return-on-investment rather than the initial fee. By allowing a stylist to emphasise the very best aspects of your property you’ll usually end up with a higher sale price than the seller who shows a vacant property or one with a less-than-professional look.

Other benefits of property styling

The aim of hiring a professional property stylist – apart from boosting your final sale price to its highest possible level – is to take the stress out of the inspection and sale period. The stylist is there to focus solely on making sure your property looks its best, which means you don’t have to fill the role of interior designer during this extremely busy time.

Professional stylists also have more than a few industry tricks at their disposal. They can make rooms appear more spacious, draw attention away from flaws and flaunt the very best aspects of your property.

What to look for when hiring a stylist

When choosing your stylist, look for:

  • Prompt, clear communication from the outset.

  • A strong portfolio of previous work.

  • Pricing towards your upper limit – don’t choose the cheapest option only to wonder how much higher your sale price might have been after auction day.

We work closely with a range of stylists who can take care of everything from basic requests through to full-scale home makeovers. To find out how our team can help you choose the right stylist for your property, get in touch today.


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