Preparing for a property sale at short notice

Preparing for a property sale at short notice

July 18, 2017 | by DiJones

There are a whole range of reasons why you may need to sell a property quickly, from divorce, to a move overseas, to a family member passing away. When unexpected circumstances like these come up, it’s still possible to make a successful sale. Here are the factors you’ll need to take into account.

Engage experts, including an experienced real estate agent

Circumstances like managing a property sale after divorce or selling a deceased family member’s estate obviously require expert legal advice, but an experienced real estate agent is just as important. Look for an agent who has:

  • experience working with short notice sales

  • an excellent track record of referrals

  • in-depth knowledge of your particular market.

Get access to pre-market and off-market buyers

Across the upper north shore, pre-auction sales are on the increase, which is good news if you need to sell in a short timeframe. When managing a short notice sale, your real estate agent should not only connect you with buyers who are happy to buy before a public promotion campaign begins, but also give you access to ‘off-market’ buyers. These buyers may not be actively looking but will want to hear about opportunities to inspect homes in particular areas that meet their criteria.

Take the pressure off with professional styling

When managing all the other details of a short notice sale, worrying about the presentation of your property isn’ta good use of your time. Upper north shore buyers have come to expect professional styling when they inspect a property, so it’s definitely worth engaging a stylist to help you make sure your home is seen in the best possible light.

Set a realistic price

While every seller wants the best price for their property, now is the time to balance your expectations with a realistic look at the market. When setting your sale price, let the expertise of your agent and current market trends guide your decision making, rather than your attachment to the property itself.

Be ready to negotiate

When it comes to short notice sales, prospective buyers will expect at least some room for negotiation on price. Again, this is where the market knowledge and experience of your agent is crucial, as they can protect you from lowball bids while also taking the demands of your saletimeframe into account.

Effective communication is key

One of the most important factors in a successful short notice sale is how effective your agent can be in getting the word out to prospective buyers. This is where their market knowledge is your best asset. Market expertise will make all the difference between a routine sale and a short notice sale with an impressive result.

If you need to sell your property quickly, our expert team can help take the stress out of the process. Get in touch today.


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