Why market knowledge and experience equals a better result

Why market knowledge and experience equals a better result

November 2, 2017 | by DiJones

If you’re just starting to consider buying or selling in Sydney’s upper north shore, you may think all real estate agencies are interchangeable. But an experienced, trusted agent can make the entire process easier and improve your final sale figure.

If you’re planning your next move, here are 5 reasons to contact your local real estate agency.

1. Up-to-date, local market knowledge

Negotiating a market as tightly held as Sydney’s upper north shore calls for a deep understanding of local market trends. It’s important to know how to time your sale or purchase, which way the market is likely to move in the near future, and any upcoming developments that could have an impact on house prices. These could be as minor as a change to local traffic movements, or as significant as a potential jump in interest rates.

2. Access to more buyers and sellers

With local market knowledge comes access to a network of potential buyers and sellers that are prepared to make their move before a public campaign begins. For buyers, pre-market sales could mean the chance to inspect, negotiate and settle on a house before anyone else has been through the door. Sellers also benefit from the ability to finalise their sale quickly, without the attention a public campaign brings.

3. Added pre-sale services

As a seller, the list of tasks to take care of before you home goes on the market can feel overwhelming. An experienced agent will not only be able to guide you in terms of where to focus your efforts, but they can also put you in touch with home stylists and other tradespeople who can make sure your property looks its best for inspection.

4. More negotiating experience


No matter which side of the negotiating table you’re on, the ability to rely on someone who knows how to keep a cool head during final price negotiations is incredibly important. This is the moment when emotion can take over, sending a sale price skyrocketing or shutting down a previously friendly exchange. Look to your agent wherever possible to get through this tricky step in the process.

5. Peace of mind


The best Sydney real estate agencies don’t follow market trends – their success is based on market knowledge, depth of experience and customer service. Low cost or no commission models may come and go, but the money saved can’t rival the peace of mind that comes from working with an agent who truly knows your area. Choose your agent for their experience and knowledge – the benefits will be clear when the contracts are signed.

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