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DiJones takes measured approach to 2022

Dec 21, 2021 | by DiJones

In a world more than ever co-authored by the customer and deepening digital dependency, DiJones has formulated the ‘DIJ30’ strategic plan and looks to 2022 with a measured approach. 
“DiJones turns 30 next year and we had to draw a line in the sand,” DiJones CEO Dean Mackie said. 

“The team was focussed this year on getting the house in order, by operationally looking at three key pillars – people, process, and platforms. We needed to respect our legacy and determine what was required to guide us into the next three, six, nine and ultimately, the next 30 years.”

The brand expanded its executive leadership team right across the agency with key corporate hires across the marketing team including the appointment of head of brand and marketing Grant Gordon, content marketing manager Sarah Lefebvre and Anjee Hopton in brand and marketing operations. In addition, with Brent May moving to the role of Chief Operations Officer, DiJones saw a new Head of Sales in Mark Horvat.

DiJones Chief Operations Officer, Brent May said the people focus has also been internal with many team members seeing their role redefined or expanded to align to the strategic plan and a company geared for growth with a clear focus on agent and customer service.

“Our focus is clear, and we have been unwavering in our determination to deliberately put the blinkers on and look ahead to what is required to ensure DiJones remains relevant in both an evolving consumer landscape and real estate category,” Mr May said.

Strategic office locations remain at the core of DiJones, according to Mr Mackie. In the last year DiJones has grown to 17 offices, seeing an expansion into the buyer migration hubs of Central Coast in the North and the Illawarra in the South. 

“Complementing our offices across Sydney, in December we returned to our heartland of Woollahra in eastern suburbs, the location of the first ever DiJones office in 1992,” Mr Mackie said.

DiJones also launched a series of platforms in 2021. A virtual agent designed to provide 24/7 access to property information for consumers and, as recent as this month, a new website.

“Some time ago we knew our website was not going to support our plan or deliver the experience the brand was built on or the strategic plan was taking us and, as a result, December saw the release of our refreshed online presence.”

Putting the customer first, the platform allows for access to property insights at any time of day or night through the DiJones Library which includes guides and downloads, a simplified property search which allows customer to search from a different angle such as sea change, family friendly and more, landlord and tenant portals, as well as contemporary property advertising. 

According to Mr Mackie, in 2022 the milestone of celebrating 30 years of operation allows for a period of reflection.

“We see the DiJones of today the same as the customer centric agency that Dianne Jones created in 1992. Di partnered with the best suppliers and looked outside the real estate profession to give a level of service that had never been seen before in the industry.”

A true trailblazer, Di Jones would consistently review the business strategy, and positioning to make sure that it had not lost its way. She not only paved the way for a generation of female real estate agents, she set the trend for the entire industry.

Mr Mackie said the leadership team at DiJones will continue to reflect on the way the real estate agency does business and refine any areas as needed. 

“While we have a growth agenda, our focus is not to be the biggest agency, it is to service and provide the best possible experience we can to clients in the same way that Di Jones herself did. We look to the future with optimism and remember where we came from.” Mr Mackie said.  

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