Gordon Archibald - community spirit, straight talk and no budgie smugglers after 8

Gordon Archibald community spirit, straight talk and no budgie smugglers after 8am

Mar 31, 2023 | by DiJones

As a Sales Agent at DiJones Newport, his extensive experience and formidable expertise have earned him a well-deserved reputation as one of the most trusted and respected agents in town.

Results-focused but always ready to take the time to fully understand his clients and their needs, Gordon brings his rich life experience and genuine appreciation of his fellow humans to play as he helps clients on their journey towards owning or selling a home.

A country boy at heart

Although Gordon and his wife, Cate, have lived in Newport long enough to be considered part of the local fauna (genus: mad-keen ocean swimmers, species: Leatherbacks), he grew up on a cattle farm near Scone, where his family and life experiences instilled in him a deep sense of community and a quiet determination to achieve the best possible outcome in any situation—traits that so many of his clients have benefited from.

“The country upbringing makes you quite community-minded,” he says. “I like being involved in the community. It’s that sense of helping someone else. I think that’s a good thing.”

His involvement in the community has also given him deep insight into the local area, cemented his reputation as a go-to guy, and helped him build an extensive network of contacts that he can tap into to help his clients achieve their property goals.

Trust. Full stop.

When it comes to character, Gordon values trust above all else. He believes that being honest and trustworthy is the key to building long-lasting professional relationships, and his straight-talking style instantly sets his clients at ease, leaving them in no doubt that they are in the safest possible hands.

As he notes, “you only gain people’s trust if you’re honest and you say it as it is—good or bad—you don’t avoid the bad stuff, and you enjoy the good stuff.”

With his upfront nature and confident, empathetic approach to steering his clients through the complexities of property sales, it’s no surprise that so many of them refer to his reliability, transparency and authenticity.

The thrill of the hammer

Having grown up glued to the auction action at cattle yards and horse studs, Gordon makes no bones about how much he likes wielding the hammer. “I love the buzz of an auction,” he admits, no doubt about that at all. I enjoy doing it, and I think enjoying doing what you’re doing is absolutely the most important thing.”

This expansive joy in his profession and his energetic approach have earned Gordon an unrivalled reputation as an auctioneer with the innate ability to create a sense of excitement and healthy competition among buyers when he holds the hammer in his hand.

...and the reward of helping people achieve their goals

But it’s not all about the immediacy of the auction. After an extensive career in retail, where Gordon and Cate ran country town businesses from mobile coffee vans to newsagents to put their children through school, Gordon has had his share of ups and downs and truly understands how tough things can get. That’s why one of his greatest satisfactions as an agent is helping people achieve what is often a very hard-won goal of owning their own home.

“I’ve been down that road,” he says, “so, knowing that I’ve helped someone on that journey or helped someone buy their first home … that’s the bit that I love more than anything about this job.”

And the budgie-smugglers?

Gordon and Cate can be seen every morning, rain or shine, swimming with the Leatherjackets at Newport. They also do all the Northern Beaches ocean swims every Sunday, clocking up the kilometres from Newport to Avalon, Pool to Peak, Bilgola and Freshwater.

“But,” Gordon says, “I’m only allowed to wear budgie-smugglers before 8 a.m. After that, I have to clothe up a bit. It’s an ultimatum from Cate.”
Whatever your take on budgie-smugglers, it’s Gordon’s deep commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes for his clients, combined with an uncanny ability to identify opportunities that others might miss that have earned him a loyal following of satisfied customers.

His clients appreciate his friendly and approachable nature, attention to detail, and ability to listen carefully to their needs and concerns.
Gordon will work tirelessly to ensure that his clients achieve their property goals. He is always available and ready to provide level-headed guidance and support throughout the buying or selling process.

Clearly, whether you’re buying or selling property, Gordon is definitely your ideal mate in real estate.

If you would like to talk to Gordon Archibald click here, share some details, and he will be in touch. 

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