Maximise summer holiday fun and get some home improvements in with a staycation

Maximise summer holiday fun and get some home improvements in with a staycation

December 12, 2023 | by DiJones

In the wake of recent economic shifts in Australia, many families are re-evaluating their spending habits, particularly when it comes to leisure and home management. With rising living costs and a general air of financial caution, the ‘staycation’ has emerged as a popular and prudent alternative to traditional holidays. This article explores how to transform a staycation into an opportunity to save money and enjoy family-oriented home improvements, offering a blend of engaging activities that cater to all ages while being mindful of the current economic landscape.

Navigating the economic landscape

The current economic climate in Australia, marked by challenges such as inflation and spiralling living expenses, has prompted many families to seek more budget-friendly ways to enjoy their time off. A staycation, in this context, is not just a leisure choice but a financially savvy decision. It allows families to conserve funds typically spent on travel and accommodation, channelling them instead into home improvement projects. This approach can enhance the value and comfort of their living spaces while fostering a sense of accomplishment and togetherness.

The benefits of a staycation

Opting for a staycation over a traditional holiday can be a cost-effective way to spend quality time with your family. By staying at home, you save on travel, accommodation, and dining expenses, which can add up quickly on a typical holiday. These savings can then be redirected towards enhancing your living space, allowing you to invest in your home while still having a fun and restful break.

Moreover, a staycation offers the flexibility to tailor activities to your family’s interests and needs, without the constraints of travel schedules and itineraries. It’s an excellent opportunity for parents and children to collaborate on projects that reflect their creativity and personal style.

Family-friendly home improvement projects

A key element of a successful staycation is selecting activities that are enjoyable and achievable for all family members. Here are a few ideas to get you started! Garden Makeover:  Involve the whole family in planting a new garden or revamping an existing one. Kids can help and learn as they plant seeds, water, and decorate their garden home-made ornaments. Consider creating a themed garden, like a pizza garden with tomatoes, basil, and peppers, or a fairy garden with whimsical decorations. Room Redecoration:  Allow each family member to choose a theme or colour scheme for their room. Work together on painting, crafting personalised decorations, and rearranging the furniture. It’s a great way for kids to express their creativity and take ownership of their space. DIY Birdhouses or Insect Hotels:  Building birdhouses or insect hotels from scratch or a kit can be a fun and educational activity. It teaches children about local wildlife and offers a hands-on experience with basic woodworking. Family Mural Painting: Pick a wall in your home or garden fence and create a family mural. This can be a collaborative art project where everyone adds their touch. It’s a great way to leave a lasting, personal imprint on your home. Homemade Planters and Garden Art:  Use recycled materials to create unique planters or garden art. Old tires, boots, or even teapots can be repurposed into fun and quirky plant holders and sculptures. Backyard Obstacle Course:  Create a fun and challenging obstacle course in your backyard using household items. It’s not only a great physical activity but also encourages creative thinking in setting up and navigating the course. Kitchen Update:  If you’re up for a more ambitious project, consider a DIY kitchen update. Simple tasks like painting cabinets, changing hardware, or creating a new backsplash can be family-friendly and significantly change the look of your kitchen. Create a Reading Nook:  Designate a corner of your home as a cosy reading nook. Involve the family in making comfortable cushions, decorating the space with lights, and organising bookshelves. Outdoor Cinema:  Set up an outdoor cinema in your backyard. This could involve a DIY projector screen, comfortable seating arrangements with homemade cushions, and perhaps even a popcorn stand! Home Gallery Creation:  Turn a hallway or a blank wall into a family art gallery. Display children’s artwork, family photos, and any other homemade art. This project is great for showcasing everyone’s creativity and adds a personal touch to your home.

Planning your staycation for maximum enjoyment

To make the most of your staycation, it’s important to plan ahead. While spontaneity has its charms, having a loose schedule can help ensure you balance project time with relaxation. Planning also helps in managing expectations, especially for younger children, and ensures that everyone gets to participate in activities they enjoy.

Additionally, consider setting aside time for mini-outings or local adventures. Visiting nearby parks, beaches, or nature reserves can provide a change of scenery and a break from home-based activities.

Balancing fun and safety

When involving children in home improvement projects, safety should always be a priority. Ensure that tasks are age-appropriate and that children are supervised, especially when using tools or materials that could pose a risk. Also, take regular breaks to prevent fatigue and keep the atmosphere light and enjoyable.

Summing up

A staycation can be much more than just a break from work or school. It presents a unique opportunity for families to bond, create, and improve their living spaces together. By choosing activities that are fun, engaging, and suitable for all ages, you can make the most of your time at home this summer. Not only will you save money that can be reinvested into your home, but you’ll also create memories and skills that will last far beyond the season. Of course, the goal of a staycation is to relax and enjoy time with your family, so don’t put too much pressure on completing large-scale projects. Even small improvements can make a significant difference to your home and your family’s enjoyment of it.

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