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Joshua Kersten - an industry legend who calls the 'Gong' home

Feb 12, 2023 | by DiJones

With real estate in his blood and the all dedication and drive of a Commonwealth Games medal-winning athlete, Wollongong born and bred Joshua Kersten is the man you want on your team when it comes to selling your home.

Josh is a partner and the regional sales manager at DiJones Wollongong. His extensive experience, well-honed skills, broad market knowledge, and authenticity immediately put you at your ease and leave you in no doubt that you (and your property) are in very safe hands.

Lifelong experience selling real estate around Wollongong

Josh grew up living and breathing real estate. His dad, Harry, started in the industry as a cadet straight out of high school and spent his whole working life in the industry, building up a thriving business, so it seemed natural for Josh to join his father when he stepped out of the sporting arena.

“It’s one of those jobs that becomes part of your life,” says Josh, “I went straight in at the deep end with my dad, and I loved it.”

When the time came to move on, the Kerstens sold their share in the business. Josh’s extensive skills and passion for the industry saw him first snapped up by one major agency and then headhunted by another.

He spent several years coaching and managing elite sales teams, building up an extensive network of contacts, and honing his skills as an agent and auctioneer across a range of markets before choosing to come onboard with DiJones, where he is thriving both personally and professionally.

“Over the years, I’ve mixed with a whole range of elite performers. Being able to coach them and seeing what they do and what makes them the best has been fantastic,” says Josh.

This experience is what puts him in such a strong position when it comes to the changing market that we are experiencing. It’s a time when experienced agents like Josh come into their own, relishing the chance to stretch their hard-earned skills and leaping at the prospect of driving home a great sale.

A special skillset

Having excelled on the international cycling circuit means that Josh has a very special skillset to add to his phenomenal abilities as an agent.

The very focused mind, discipline, drive, and persistence that led him to the podium in cycling also serve his clients as he pushes himself to achieve the very best results for them.

“It’s the ‘never give up’ attitude,” he points out, “if you work hard, you’ll get results.”

And Josh has a proven track record of getting results, both in sport and in real estate.

As a seasoned and very talented auctioneer, Josh likens the auction process to race day in the velodrome. “I’ve always loved the auction process because it’s very similar to cycling,” he says. “You prepare weeks out for an event. You do all the work leading up to it, then it’s race day. It’s like an auction. You work hard in the lead-up; you can’t expect to just turn up and have people bid!”

The similarities between high performance real estate and elite sport are part of what drew Josh towards real estate and his background in as a cyclist has stood him in good stead for the rigours of his career as an agent.

Unique perspective of the local Wollongong and Illawarra market?

Josh also has in-depth knowledge of the local market in Wollongong and the Illawarra region. Born in Wollongong hospital, Josh went to school in the area, has lived locally for most of his life and truly loves the area.

He and his family play an active role in community life around the Gong and you’ll often see them with Honey, their beloved cavoodle, walking the Blue Mile Pathway, strolling around the lighthouse at Flagstaff Point, or enjoying local cafés like Kiss and Drop, Lee & Me, or Diggies.

Josh has also been selling properties in the area for over 18 years and has extensive insights into what makes the city, its surrounding suburbs, and the people who live there tick.

Josh is quick to point out that Wollongong offers lifestyle properties for a fraction of the price that people pay in Sydney.

As he says, “we saw a huge change through COVID, with people making lifestyle changes and getting out of Sydney. We’re only an hour and twenty minutes by train from Sydney, we’re on the coast, and we’re still affordable.”

The real deal

The one thing that strikes you about Josh is that he is about as authentic as they come. He’s a self-confessed sports lover, home chef, and family man, dedicated to his lovely wife Kisahn and their two kids. He’s also a pillar of the community, participating in sporting and charity events and supporting local initiatives like Illawarra QUOTA Inc.

Josh is the real deal. He’s the high-performing real estate agent with the perfect combination of skills, experience, knowledge, and authenticity that will make a real difference when it comes to selling your property.

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