DiJones strengthens stronghold Chadwick merger

DiJones strengthens stronghold in Upper & Mid North Shore markets with Chadwick merger

Jun 25, 2023 | by DiJones

Chadwick Real Estate has merged with DiJones in a move that will see the DiJones brand complement and extend its footprint across Sydney’s Upper North Shore.

DiJones CEO Dean Mackie said the merger with Chadwick Real Estate adds depth and value to the existing network and the clients we serve.

“This is a significant expansion for DiJones and builds on our strategic plan where we put people, process, and platforms front and centre for our business.

“Scott Chadwick and his team have a strong alignment with DiJones and our vision, values, tools and processes. Like DiJones, Chadwick has a strong family history, and we are excited to be able to carry on the legacy of Chadwick.”

Mr Mackie said the merger is also a win for customers who will benefit from the greater reach that a larger DiJones network offers.

“Collectively Chadwick and DiJones are stronger together, and it gives power to our purpose to unlock more for our clients and team members collectively. We aren’t merging for an increase in offices and infrastructure, it was a pre-existing relationship of collaboration that created a great foundation for broadening delivery of real estate services to clients on the Upper North Shore.

“We have spent considerable time on ensuring that we are able to scale our business and having known Scott for 15 years he has a level of integrity that rings true with DiJones.”

Scott Chadwick said the opportunity to join DiJones was the right step forward for the business.

“When reviewing the future of Chadwick, we recognised the significant steps we would need to take ourselves, to take the business to the next level. DiJones is a unique real estate network with a proven model in evolving the real estate category and after a lot of hard work, now has the tools and leadership to take our business quickly and effectively forward.”

“The merger supports all aspects of the business from succession planning, development and training and its centralised services offers a true alternative to the franchise model. The DiJones’ business model is designed to solve the friction points and inefficiencies that some other models may produce.

“DiJones is great fit for Chadwick. There is a real comradery around coming together and capitalising on the DiJones centralised service model and through this merger DiJones will drive further depth and breadth of service in the Upper North Shore market.”

As part of the merger, Chadwick offices at Turramurra, Killara, St Ives, Hornsby and Berowra will transition to the DiJones brand and network in the coming months and some 55 staff will join the brand.

The merger significantly increases the number of properties under DiJones management and provides the scale for the DiJones business model to shape a different and new future for property management and the consumer experience.

Further capitalising on an earlier partnership with a commercial division in the Central Coast, this merger allows DiJones to solidify our strategic imperative for providing a diversified choice of investments to our clients.

The merger also signals the acceleration of DiJones’ M&A activity in the year ahead. 

“We have the ability to scale our brand quickly and effectively with real estate professionals who share our vision,” Mr Mackie said.

“To date, our growth has been organic and we are seeing more businesses seeking us out. Not all the businesses that approach us are the right fit but we are willing and able to double down on good quality relationships, having spent the last few years building the platform of technology, centralised services, and our ecosystem of centralised data and integrations for our agents and clients.

“We are continuing to reflect on the way we do business and refine our direction as necessary. While the agenda for FY 2024 is one for driving depth and growth our focus remains consistent - to provide the best experience for our clients and our team.”