DiJones wellness initiative unlocked Sydney Kings

Wellbeing at the heart of DiJones

Mar 21, 2023 | by DiJones

DiJones has put wellbeing at the top of its agenda in 2023 as the real estate group looks to shape the direction and culture of its team through a number of unique experiences and a first in class high performance program.

“At DiJones we recognise the relationship between our wellbeing and performance,” DiJones CEO Dean Mackie said. “We don’t just speak about wellness, we care about our people and are authentically passionate. It drives our brand forward.”

“We believe that high performance of any business whether it be individually or as a collective group can only be achieved if we look after ourselves and we have put the tools in place for our team.”

Mr Mackie said research has consistently shown that those who prioritise their physical, mental, and emotional health tend to perform better, both individually, as part of a team and also in their family life.

“By focusing on wellbeing our team is more productive, creative, collaborative and efficient in the way they approach their work and their life.

“Our commitment to wellbeing also creates better outcomes, higher morale and a better overall culture.”

The success of the program has been recognised with DiJones being named a finalist in the ‘Wellbeing Initiative of the Year’ category at the prestigious Annual REA Excellence Awards (AREAs) for 2022.

Mr Mackie said since reimagining the DiJones vision of giving power to your purposes, to prioritise wellbeing was a defining moment.

“We decided that not only should our programs continue into 2023 but that we should ramp up our wellbeing and high performance focus to further advance our teams individual success as well as create a more positive and supportive work environment.”

DiJones has partnered with a number of best in class wellbeing and performance experts including Benny Button to support our team to the next level of performance and success.

Yesterday, (21 March 2023) the entire DiJones team spent the day with the recently crowned NBL champions the Sydney Kings, their coaches and former NBA player Andrew Bogut.

“We learnt directly from the Sydney Kings high performance coaches and players about how to work better as a team, how to build resilience by bouncing back from setbacks and the importance of being consistent with the 1 percenters,” Mr Mackie said. “We also got to run some drills with the Sydney Kings on court.

“These sorts of things might seem ‘non real estate’ but they are things that help the team become better in all parts of their life including their professional one. It also builds trust, relationships, team work, collaboration and lots of things that make up the DiJones DNA,” Mr Mackie said.

Hoops Capital CEO Sean Nicholls it was great to bring DiJones into a relaxed and fun environment, draw parallels between sport and business and allow them to hear from High Performance experts at the Sydney Kings.

“There is an incredible alignment with high performance sport and high performance in business particularly in the real estate profession. We provided DiJones with a professional development “circuit breaker”, where they could learn and grow professionally in a less traditional way away from their everyday business challenges.

“Real estate and sport offer several parallels when it comes to wellbeing and managing mental health, in a high stress environment. They heard from our high-performance coaches and learnt about tools, systems and process to better handle these challenges on a day-to-day basis. We also emphasised how they are not alone in dealing with high pressure environments in a world and where “success” is determined based purely on wins and losses.”

Mr Mackie added that by combining a range of elements to the wellness and health program DiJones is producing happier, safer and a more well-rounded team who performs to their capacity.

“All the initiatives we unlock are for our people and their families, we don’t look at our staff in isolation we look at their whole lives, their wants, needs and personal dynamics which supports our vision to give power to your purpose.”

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