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Gilbert and Shute the golden tapestry of real estate in Cronulla

Sep 14, 2023 | by DiJones

At DiJones, we’re privileged to be home to many exceptional talents. Among them stand three pillars of real estate: Greg Gilbert, Vanessa Gilbert, and Daryl Shute. When this trio come together, the passion is palpable. Representing the gold standard of real estate excellence in the Cronulla area and beyond, they’ve garnered a reputation as the quiet achievers of the area—securing astonishing record sales and achieving monumental successes, all while maintaining a demeanour of humility and discretion.

We recently caught up with them to chat about their extensive experience and delve into what is driving this dynamic collaboration.

A tapestry of experience

Each thread in the Gilbert & Shute tapestry is woven thick with experience. With Greg’s longstanding legacy in Cronulla’s real estate spanning over four decades, Vanessa’s blend of global flair and savvy business acumen, and Daryl’s high energy and strategic insight rooted in his time with the Royal Australian Navy’s Fleet Air Arm working in conjunction with the SAS and his years as a top-level OzTag team player, they present a formidable front.

Their collective journey encompasses everything from selling waterfront homes and luxurious European villas to creating cutting-edge strategic real estate campaigns—all bound by a thread of unwavering dedication. To this team, real estate is not just about the property. It’s about building relationships, understanding communities, and sharing their love for the Cronulla and Burraneer area.

The blend of history and modernity

Three generations of family real estate have moulded Greg and Vanessa’s approach, emphasizing that homes are more than just property. Daryl, with his deep-rooted community involvement, further reinforces this ethos, highlighting the significance of family and legacy.

Throughout their extensive careers, the trio has witnessed the transformative journey of real estate. With a chuckle, Daryl recalls the days of old, “I remember when we used to drag a heavy photo board out into the street every morning for passers-by to view properties. Times have changed a bit since then!”

As Vanessa is quick to point out, “now we leverage the latest technology, making property viewing accessible at the touch of a button. But, no matter how advanced our tools get, it’s still the personal touch that truly matters.”

“Yes”, adds Greg, an ex-surfer “the waves of the industry may have changed, but our commitment to genuine, honest interactions remains steadfast.”

Forging excellence through shared values

These three powerhouses share many foundational values and their collaboration is underpinned by meticulous attention to detail, a strong emphasis on transparency and trust, open communication, strong strategy and out-of-the-box thinking. Greg’s reputation as a real estate visionary, which stemmed from his early “underwraps” campaigns in the local press and his industry-changing differentiation between a high-end and a more general market, remains at the core of their work. Both Vanessa and Daryl express their respect and admiration for Greg’s work, with Daryl noting, “when I first started as a greenhorn, Greg Gilbert was already the waterfront GOAT (greatest of all time).”

Gilbert and Shute are innovators, but they also value a familial approach. Vanessa’s passion for cooking and her impeccable styling skills, inspired by the pristine beauty of the locale, offer clients a unique perspective on property aesthetics underpinned by her years working in the high-end markets of Los Angeles and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. “With us,” Vanessa points out, “the vendor is getting a wealth of experience and our full commitment, every time.”

Conversations from the heart of Cronulla

Cronulla, with its pristine beaches, bays, and bustling train line leading straight to the beach, is the perfect blend of nature and urbanization. It’s a haven for families, offering not just beautiful homes but also a plethora of sports facilities, cosy cafes, and gourmet restaurants.

With time, Greg, Vanessa and Daryl have witnessed a significant shift, with waterfront properties evolving as the gold standard and an ever-increasing demand for homes in local suburbs – testament to the area’s allure. They’ve seen the landscape transform, with developments cropping up to meet the escalating demands of a discerning clientele.

As they chatted, their admiration for Cronulla and its surrounding suburbs was evident. Vanessa, with heartfelt sincerity, shared, “the Cronulla area provides a fantastic lifestyle. It’s a great place to bring up kids with the beautiful bays and beaches, top-notch schools, sporting facilities, restaurants, and cafes.” Daryl agreed, noting that “people are coming to Cronulla in their droves. And for good reason—it’s truly the gem of the coast.”

Gilbert and Shute are long-term locals and understand the market like no other agents. With a finger firmly on the pulse of every shift and every development, they bring unrivalled knowledge to every transaction.

The promise of Gilbert, Shute and DiJones Cronulla

In joining forces at DiJones, the Gilbert & Shute alliance offers the Cronulla community more than just property transactions. It promises a commitment to an even brighter, bolder future in real estate, focusing on growth, unparalleled service, and a vision that reaches beyond the horizon.

The DiJones family celebrates a new chapter of unmatched real estate excellence in Cronulla with the successes of these accomplished agents and looks forward to watching their legacy of quiet achievements, underlined by record sales and unparalleled dedication, go from strength to strength.

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