DiJones finalist for ‘Wellbeing Initiative of the Year’ Award

Apr 28, 2023 | by DiJones

DiJones’ commitment to Wellbeing has been recognised at the prestigious Annual REA Excellence Awards (AREAs) for 2022, with the real estate network acknowledged as a finalist in ‘Wellbeing Initiative of the Year’ category.

“A top priority for our business is the health and wellbeing of our team,” DiJones CEO Dean Mackie said.

 “To be a finalist is a testament to our ongoing commitment to creating an environment that supports our team to be their very best whereby our collective well-being and performance is at the heart of everything we do.

“We created the Unlocked Program with the objective to improve morale, productivity and motivation, reduce presenteeism and create a strong employee value proposition which would lead to increased enjoyment and satisfaction for our people.” 

According to Mr Mackie the program is working with DiJones continuing to put the tools in place to nurture the team. 

“This is an ongoing program that has a range of elements to ensure it is well rounded and intensive. We truly believe that through a deeper sense of care, understanding and focus we can ‘unlock more’ than our team members sometimes think is possible. For us, at DiJones it’s people first. 

“Our partnership with Sonder, is evidence that we are here to help and shows we can provide the best in class mechanisms to support, health, wellbeing and safety of our team and as well as their families.

“At our 2022 DiJones Leaders retreat we introduced the new DiJones Vision and Values. It was important to ensure that our leaders were well equipped with an understanding of where DiJones is headed and what it really meant to be agile/dynamic, the role of Integrity, how to be trustworthy, a market leader and how to offer the extraordinary.” 

Mr Mackie said the DiJones internal Awards are also part of the wellness and heath program and ensure that the teams able to benchmark their achievements. 

“We added two new awards to reflect our new values. Our CEO Award took the name of our founder Di Jones and we created a DiJones Ambassador for DiJones Culture. We continue to review our award structure to ensure that it is aligned to our health and wellbeing strategic imperatives.

“Most importantly we have surveyed our team and they have confirmed that help and a more structured focus on health and wellbeing is something they are looking for. Putting wellness and health at the at core of our business - embedded in our DNA - has strengthened our company culture and is linked to our successes.” 

For further information contact Helen at or on 0419 642 961.